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The Nourish Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of our community. Under the Nourish Foundation, Nourish, AL is a hunger initiative aimed at providing food insecure families in the Auburn-Opelika area and surrounding communities with fresh produce on a weekly basis. The second initiative is Nourish Blooms,  a cut flower farm that grows and sells cut flowers to fund Nourish, AL. With over 60% of the funding for Nourish, AL coming from Nourish Blooms and the rise of food insecurity in our community, we have a need to grow more flowers!  In order to meet this need, we recently purchased land to expand Nourish Blooms. However, the purchase of the land is only the first step toward expanding our production. Many things need to happen in order to prepare the land for growing more blooms, and that is where you come in! 


Some of our immediate needs include:


  1. Installing a well for irrigation: $6,400

  2. Purchasing compost and other soil amendments: $5,000

  3. Building a structure for workshops and classes: $10,000

  4. Materials for preparing the flower beds: $5,000

  5. Various farm equipment: $3,600


TOTAL: $30,000


You can play a crucial role in feeding our village by donating toward the efforts needed to prepare the land.  This expansion will not only allow us to continue feeding our current Nourish families but will also greatly expand the number of families we serve.


To express our gratitude to you, everyone who donates $500 or more will get a row named after them with the first bouquet from your row, and those who donate $1,000 or more will get a lifetime 10% off discount from Nourish Blooms in addition to getting your own row and the bouquet!


Your donation will get us one step closer to alleviating food insecurity in our community, and it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 

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