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Comparison is a Beast

So, my plan was to write about how I'm going to be on Bloom TV or how much we've planted for Spring or all the new things we are offering on the website, but instead, I'm choosing to write from the heart on this cold and snowy (YES SNOWY!!!) day. I have noticed a common, recurring theme with all of my flower farming friends and various accounts that I follow on instagram. This topic has been weighing very heavily on my heart lately as well.


It's unfortunately a natural response when we see or hear what someone else is doing with their company or business. While we are excited and happy for other people and other businesses, we very quickly begin to question our current status and wonder if we should be doing more. Doing better. Doing bigger. Contentment is quickly replaced with fear that we are not enough. That what we are doing is not enough. Somehow, no matter where we are or how far we've come, we feel like we need to be doing more and that our present moment is a testimony to our failure to achieve success or greatness in our career or profession. We become untethered in our thoughts and frantically grasp at various ways to prove our worth and to convince ourselves that we matter and that what we are doing matters. We choose goals and pursue things that don't come from our passion but instead are borrowed from those around us that we have deemed worthy of modeling our lives and businesses after. It's not enough that we overcame countless obstacles to get where we are or that we've come so far, we only see how long we have to go.

This response of diminishing our current place in the world and seeing other people's success as our failures is detrimental to developing community and building relationships. Also, it inhibits us from hearing our own heart and connecting with what our calling is in life because we are too distracted by what we aren't.

I am determined to break this cycle in my own life and I want to invite you all to come along with me and do the same. I want to offer each and every one of you a safe space to be who you were created to be and to dig deep within yourself to determine how you will use your gifts and passions to solve a need in the world and, in turn, live your life to its fullest. I want us to look at ourselves and where we are right now and experience a deep sense of purpose and gratitude. To sum it all up, I want us to:

Be. Here. Now.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling like I've fallen short or like my contribution to the world is less than anyone else's. Instead, I want to dig into where I am right now and love the person I've become. It is through this love and appreciation of our current place in the world that our inspiration will come. When we are fully present, we can then begin to ground down and dig deep into the fertile earth and birth our gifts to the world. Steven Tomlinson describes inspiration in this way, "It's the fusion of direction and motivation-and the energy released". I want us all to be grounded in our worth to a depth that taps into that energy and therefore serves as a conduit to bring that life-giving energy to the world. Here's to less comparison and more inspiration. Here's to looking in our hearts and souls for who we should be and what we should be doing instead of directing our gaze outward. I believe we can be a people who can be fully present and fully aware in the midst of a very digital and comparison-based world. I believe this all starts with a intention to be here now.

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