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Out on a Limb

One of my flower farming heroes, Erin from Floret, has an Online Workshop each year where she shares her successes and failures to help ensure that other flower farms learn from those and go on to succeed in their businesses and grow deeper in their love for flowers. This workshop is not cheap. While I believe fully that it is worth every penny (let's be honest, it's worth more than she charges) it is still the rate limiting factor in my participation in the workshop. She does offer scholarships to this amazing program, though, and it is my dream to be awarded one of these. Last year I applied and was not chosen. There were so many fabulous applicants and reading their stories was so inspiring. Floret encourages repeat applications, therefore I have applied again this year. While it was anxiety provoking to click submit on my application, in that moment I knew that sometimes you have to bet on yourself and the mission that you believe in. Seeking to bring beauty to our community through food justice and health care justice and ultimately helping to create racial equity in our community, I press on in this endeavor and I continue to push myself harder into uncomfortable yet growth-provoking spaces. I decided in that moment to go out on a limb and reach for a dream that many may see as unattainable. And you know what, the odds are not in my favor. The probability of me being awarded the scholarship is bleak at best but that didn't stop me from taking the risk. I hope in some small way that my hope in the improbable inspires you to hope in whatever seems unlikely to work out for you today.

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