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How it all Began

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Hello! First of all, I just made a website and am now writing a blog about growing flowers. I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming. But seriously, how in the world did I get here? It all started when we decided to buy a hundred year old house in foreclosure in Opelika. This house happened to have a garden plot (of course it was COVERED in wild blackberries because...foreclosure) which I decided I needed to bring back to life. So, we took a family trip to the Opelika Farmer's Market. I was looking through all of the flowers, overwhelmed at my options, when I happened to hear a lady mention what a good deal something was. She was buying 10 pots of this "good deal" and each pot had 4 plants. Honestly, the plants looked like weeds. They didn't even have flowers on them. But, she looked like she knew what she was talking about so I too bought a few of these pots. Low and behold, they were zinnias! When those babies bloomed, I was hooked. So, I bought some zinnia seed and planted those as well. As the summer progressed, I fell more and more in love with those gorgeous blooms. It was out of that love that Nourish Blooms was birthed. Beth Hornsby and I had already started Nourish, AL and I thought that maybe I could combine my love of flowers with my desire to feed our community. I decided to call my home grown, mico flower farm Nourish Blooms. All of the proceeds from Nourish Blooms go to feed food insure families in our community through Nourish, AL.

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